Gentleman on the phone getting free advice from health and safety consultants

Free risk assessment advice for your small business

Reduce risk, prevent harm and meet UK health & safety laws. Get free advice on how to do a professional risk assessment for your business. Call 0800 028 2420.

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Risk assessment advice from a health & safety expert

Gentleman on the phone getting free advice from health and safety consultants

Expert risk assessment advice

Make your risk assessment stress free with the Peninsula health & safety helpline.

Call today and get instant advice on how to spot risks, remove hazards and keep your people safe at work. Plus, our experts will tell you everything you need to know to meet UK health & safety laws.

It’s a safe and easy way to create professional risk assessments for your business. And it’s completely free.

Call 0800 028 2420 or request a callback.

Help to meet HSE laws

The law says you need to do a risk assessment. And if you have five employees or more, the law says you need to do a written risk assessment.

But you don’t have to do it alone. Call Peninsula and we’ll walk you through the steps to writing a legally compliant risk assessment.

Risk assessments for any sector

From hairdressers and lawyers to plumbers and accountants, thousands of UK bosses trust Peninsula to keep their businesses safe.

Experts in health & safety

Our consultants are members of either the Institute of Occupational Safety and Health or the International Institute of Risk and Safety Management. They give practical advice that’s relevant to your business. And they always speak in plain English, too.

Get face-to-face support

Peninsula is one of the UK’s most trusted risk assessment companies for small businesses. And we can even help you do your risk assessment in person. Here’s how it works:


You tell us when

You pick the date and time and a certified risk assessor comes to your site.


A consultant comes to you

Your health & safety expert comes to your site to guide you through your risk assessment and help identify the hazards in your workplace.


You get a written report

Your risk assessor gives you practical and cost-effective advice on how to remove your hazards, reduce your risk and keep your business safe.

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