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Gentleman on the phone getting free advice from health and safety consultants

Need a business health & safety audit, fast?

Then meet SafeCheck Fast. It's the easy way to remove workplace hazards, stay COVID safe, and reduce your legal risk.

Protect your business, book your audit today

Free yourself from workplace risk with a professional business safety review.

Gentleman on the phone getting free advice from health and safety consultants

Health & safety compliance for just £295

As fresh restrictions are brought in to tackle the Omicron variant, you need to make your business COVID safe. Fast

That's why SafeCheck Fast is here to help. It's a complete health & safety review of your business designed to free you from stress and worry.

One of the UK’s leading consultants will conduct video-call review your premises and highlight any areas where you and your staff could face risk.

Then, in matter hours, you get advice on the practical steps to take to meet COVID-safe rules and protect your staff and customers.

So, you can keep your people safe, avoid costly accidents, and enjoy total peace of mind. All for £295.

To book your SafeCheck, call now on 0800 028 2420.

A total health & safety audit for your business

From a full tour of your premises to an in-depth report, you SafeCheck Fast gives you a total health & safety audit.

And the best part?

You get it all for £295. There’s no catch, no hidden costs, and no obligation to sign up to any long-term contract.

Flexible around you

With Video SafeCheck, a consultant will review your premises using remote software. So no matter where you are in the UK, you’ll enjoy expert advice at a time that suits you.

Affordable for small businesses

You don’t want to spend huge amounts of time and money improving your health & safety. So, outsource it all to the UK’s leading experts – for an affordable, one-off fee.

Get health & safety confident, fast…

In less than a day, you’ll know if your business is compliant with UK health & safety law. And if you’re not, you’ll know exactly what to do to put things right.

Here’s how it works:


We conduct a video tour your premises

An expert consultant will give you a fast and thorough check over of all your policies and procedures via video conference


You get advice to make your workplace COVID-safe for staff and customers

We identify any areas where you’re business isn’t COVID-safe to help you stay open for business


You receive a detailed report in a matter of hours

You get a professional summary of findings, an in-depth report, and an action plan to remain risk-free. All in a matter of hours.

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