Gentleman on the phone getting free advice from health and safety consultants

Free advice from health & safety consultants

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Gentleman on the phone getting free advice from health and safety consultants

Instant, 24/7 help with health & safety at work

Setting employees up to work from home? Carrying out a risk assessment? Or overwhelmed by constant health & safety updates?

Health & safety is difficult to get right, and with laws changing so often, it can put a strain on businesses like yours.

That’s why our expert advisors are here to walk you through your most complex concerns within minutes of calling.

Practical advice in plain English

While the current working situation is unpredictable, you don’t have to be a health & safety expert to keep your workers safe and your business compliant.

You just need to know who to ask.

That means less time worrying whether your business complies with the law, and more time making it successful.

Over the phone...

Call Peninsula now for in-depth guidance on meeting critical new Health and Safety Authority protocols, updating your health & safety policies, and everything else in between.

...and in person

If your issue is especially complex, you can book a workplace visit from one of our consultants to guide you through a risk assessment and tackle any problems hands on.

Ireland’s most trusted small business consultants

When you’re having to update your health & safety policies, what could be better than free advice from the country’s leading experts?

All of our health & safety consultants are fully qualified and hail from a range of business backgrounds. So, you can rest easy knowing they’ve heard, and solved, your problem before.


24/7 advice, 365 days a year

Whether your health & safety issue is an immediate concern, or you just have a quick query, our consultants are always ready to give you the advice you need.


Expertise in every area

Working from home considerations. Accident reporting. Updating health & safety policies. Display screen equipment. Fire risks. First aid kits. Protective equipment. Manual handling. Hazardous substances. Whatever your question, we’ve got the answer.


Ireland-based support

Our health & safety consultants know Irish law inside-out. They’re the first to study new legislation when it comes into force. This way, you’ll always get accurate, up-to-date answers whenever you call.

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