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Gentleman on the phone getting free advice from health and safety consultants

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As a small business owner, you are responsible by law for your workplace’s safety. But you don’t have to tackle it alone…

Get your health & safety right with a free advice call to Peninsula’s experts. We help you protect your people from harm and meet any HSE rule that affects your business.

From fire risks to dangerous substances, we break down complex issues and explain new legislation that you have to follow.

And if you need support in an emergency, our advisers are on call 24/7 to help your business recover.

Take the stress and risk out of your health & safety. Call 0800 028 2420.

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£1m+ fines and years of imprisonment are now common punishments for those who break UK health & safety law.

But you don’t need to study every HSE document or spend thousands of pounds on training courses to protect yourself. You just need to call Peninsula.

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Peninsula is the UK’s most trusted health & safety adviser for small businesses.

Since 1983, we’ve helped hundreds of thousands of British companies keep their customers & employees safe. So whether you run an office, a laboratory or a construction site, we know what to do. Here’s how it works:


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