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Gentleman on the phone getting free advice from health and safety consultants

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The Good Work Plan 2020 brings the biggest upgrade to employment law in a generation.

As of 6th April, new rules change the way you manage your staff — from the paperwork you give new workers to how you work out holiday pay.

If you don't follow these rules, you break the law.

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Sweeping law changes can bring chaos to a small business, especially when you have so little time to deal with them.

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The government’s Good Work Plan guide could take you hours to read—and even longer to understand. We give you instant, jargon-free advice to help you tackle the law changes and remove legal risks from your business.

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Give new starters the right documentation

Get advice on the extra paperwork and info you must give staff when they start work.


Meet fresh contract laws for agency workers

Learn more about the new rights agency workers are entitled to after 12 weeks’ work.


Work out holiday pay the easy way

Discover the legal changes that affect holiday pay calculations for certain workers.

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