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How to bring staff back to work as lockdown eases

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Gentleman on the phone getting free advice from health and safety consultants

Help to return to work

Now the government has launched plans to ease lockdown, you’re probably thinking about reopening your business. And that may mean big changes for your workforce… That’s why Peninsula’s here with expert health & safety advice to help you get back to work quickly and safely. Call today for fast advice on:

  • What the government's health & safety guidance means for your business.
  • How to carry out a return to work risk assessment for your site
  • The rules on recalling employees to work
  • Whether you need to upgrade your business to make it safe for workers
  • And how to manage your staff levels if there isn't enough work after lockdown.

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Find out the rules on return to work and get expert advice on how to bring your staff back safely—while bringing your staff costs under control.

Advice on COVID-19 risk assessments

Find out how to make your business COVID-19 secure and learn the latest guidance on social distancing in the workplace.

Support on reducing staff costs

Get confidential advice on how to change employee contracts, lay-off staff, or make redundancy payments, without falling foul of the law.

Supporting 32,858 small businesses nationwide

We support small businesses in all areas of HR, including:


Contracts & documentation

We help you write watertight staff contracts to stay in line with UK laws and get the best from your workers.


Staff management

We guide you through your toughest staff management tasks, from organising holiday pay and sick leave to disciplining or dismissing workers.


Employment tribunal support

If an angry employee takes you to a tribunal, we give you legal advice on how to reduce the risk to your business. And we even offer legal representation to give you the best chance of success.

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